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Six Reasons Why Online Studies are Awesome


It’s one small word that means “extraordinary.”

But more than just being a buzzword for the 80s (and beyond), it’s also a great word to describe why the average online student chooses to study online. But in case you need a little more detail about online degrees and online classes than “they’re awesome,” we’ve spelled it out for you here.


New Online MBA Program

Beginning fall 2013, Boise State University will offer a new online Master of Business Administration (MBA) program. The State Board of Education approved the new program December 13, 2012 during its regular meeting in Coeur d’Alene.

The new online MBA will provide access for students who cannot attend courses on campus. It will be offered in addition to Boise State’s unique full-time MBA program for recent graduates, a part-time evening MBA program for working professionals, and an Executive MBA program.

“The online MBA program will provide high-quality graduate education for a new segment of students,” said Boise State Provost Martin Schimpf. “Boise State is committed to expanding access of programs in order to better serve the needs of Idaho citizens and the business community.”


The Campus Tsunami

Online education is not new. The University of Phoenix started its online degree program in 1989. Four million college students took at least one online class during the fall of 2007.

But, over the past few months, something has changed. The elite, pace-setting universities have embraced the Internet. Not long ago, online courses were interesting experiments. Now online activity is at the core of how these schools envision their futures.

This week, Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology committed $60 million to offer free online courses from both universities. Two Stanford professors, Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller, have formed a company, Coursera, which offers interactive courses in the humanities, social sciences, mathematics and engineering. Their


12 Moodle tools to interact with your students online

With a user base of 72,177 registered and verified sites, serving 57,751,114 million users in 5.8 million courses in 222 countries, Moodle is one of the most popular course management systems in the world. The reasons for the popularity of this open source course management system lie in the various interactive and useful features that Moodle offers to teachers, instructors, and educational institutes for effective e-learning.


Harvard and MIT launch edX to offer free online classes

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Always wanted to take a Harvard class? Soon you'll be able to do so from the comfort of your own home.
Harvard and MIT announced a partnership Wednesday to offer free online courses to students around the world. The initiative, known as edX, will be run by a non-profit organization controlled by the two schools. Each has committed $30 million to the effort.


Improving your Customer Service Environment with Elearning

Customer service is often the most misunderstood, underfunded, and disconnected area of the corporation. These limitations are to the detriment of the enterprise however, and a refined and technologically proficient customer service staff will ultimately help improve the bottom line.


E-learning in the call center isn’t just for employees

One frequent concern for companies that considers to outsource the Call Center function is that the third party call center staff is less likely to be able to answer all the questions customers throw at them, and it’s a legitimate concern. Simply answering calls and taking orders may sound like a simple enough task, but in reality, when customers call it’s seldom as simple as that. Customers want to know whether a product can be used in a different way than advertised.


Cracking Up the LMS

Students at residential colleges care about their environs. The grungy, college-issued couch gets a slipcover. The fluorescent overhead light gets support from a shaded table lamp. The bare walls get posters. The phrase “Feng Shui your dorm room” gets 26,900 Google hits.

E-learning solutions for Vietnamese enterprises

The first ever group of Vietnamese online instructors has been certified, with support from Danida. The online instructors are key players in battling the problem of poorly-trained, unqualified human resources threatening to undermine the competitiveness of Vietnamese SME exporters in the global markets.
Trained managers and marketing personnel is a major bottleneck in terms of reaching export markets for many SME exporters. Especially SME exporters located in the provinces have difficulties getting their personnel trained, as the few qualified trainers available in Vietnam are all located in the two major cities.


Remote learning short on investment

It comes at a time when technology and demand mean this type of education can play an important role boosting Vietnam’s increasingly knowledge-based economy. According to Dr Professor Lam Quang Thiep, former director of the Higher Education Department under the Ministry of Education and Training, other regional countries like Thailand, China and Malaysia, have been effectively using distance education in their plans to popularise higher education.

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